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This blog is not just a puns special, but also a hub for essays on biotech and longevity.

Latest Articles

Funding Strategy for Biotech Startups

Today, biotech startups have more options for funding than ever before. These different sources include equity crowdfunding, venture capitalists, incubators, angel investors, public funding, as well as federal and state grants and incentives. Now presented with a real choice, it is critical founders develop a well...

Tackling the Opioid Crisis

In the past 20 years, over 500,000 people have died from opioid overdose. Most of these deaths were unintentional. The Opioid Crisis is far from being over. A little history: The use of opioids was first recorded over 3000 years ago. Ancient Egyptians discovered the poppy flower (containing opium) to be an effective...

Why we Age

Everyone accepts they will age, but few understand why. Let’s try to solve the age old problem of why we age (I did warn you this blog was a puns special). Let’s first look at how to measure your biological age (basically, more precise ways than looking at a mirror). One way to measure the aging process is via...

Choosing life; extending health

The ultimate existential dread we all face as conscious human beings is our awareness of death, more precisely: the realisation that no matter what we do we cannot escape death. But that doesn’t mean we can’t slow down aging, and even if we were to die at a certain age, we don’t actually have to spend our final years...

Hey there,

I’m Anmol, and I’m on a mission to revolutionise healthcare through the lens of longevity. Imagine a world where we not only stave off illnesses but truly thrive with vitality. That’s the future I’m passionate about, and I’m driven to make proactive, preventative healthcare accessible to all!

In the dynamic intersection of health and tech, where possibilities are boundless, I strive to empower individuals to seize control of their well-being. My journey, marked by a blend of strategy consulting leading healthcare projects, a unique educational background in Medicine and Finance (MD candidate), and a commitment to biotech and longevity-focused startup, propels me forward.

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